For your Backyard Bucket List - Rocky Mountaineer

For your Backyard Bucket List—Cruise and then Soar Aboard the Rocky Mountaineer

Liz Dionne
Truro, NS

 “Majestic mountain scenery, glittering glaciers, abundant wildlife, exquisite dining … Discovering the Rockies by train is the ultimate journey of the senses. It’s so much more than a train trip — it’s a transformational experience.”

“Regardless of what part of Canada you call home, the Canadian Rockies deserve to be on your bucket list,” says Liz Dionne, Maritime Travel counsellor, Truro, NS. “And the hands-down most thrilling way to experience this iconic Canadian landscape is aboard the Rocky Mountaineer train.”

The only passenger rail service between Vancouver and the Canadian Rockies, the Rocky Mountaineer train whisks passengers across plunging gorges, over dramatic mountain passes, and through Jasper and Banff National Parks – both in a UNESCO World Heritage site.

For an amazing holiday experience right here in Canada, doing the Rockies by train is hard to beat,” says Liz. “You are wined and dined and given the white glove treatment all the way. And the scenery is absolutely breathtaking. It’s a once-in-a-lifetime experience.”

Sample Journey: First Passage to the West 12-day Luxury Cruise with Rocky Mountaineer Experience

For the ultimate experience, Liz recommends combining your Rocky Mountaineer journey into the heart of the Rockies with an equally jaw-dropping cruise through Alaska’s stunning Inside Passage. “You get the mountains, the glaciers, the astonishing scenery and that amazing food and service, all wrapped up in one awesome package. You can’t go wrong.”

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