River Cruising Revealed

While river cruising continues to evolve from a gently paced vacation for people in their 60s to 80s to one that appeals to active travellers decades younger, the core experience is still one of wonder and discovery.

“River cruising really is about the journey,” says Barbara Lee White, Maritime Travel counsellor, Brunswick Square, Saint John. “The onboard experience is one of personal service, luxurious comfort, complimentary fine local food and wine, and gorgeous up-close views. But unlike ocean cruising, in river cruising the ship is a means to experience the destination, rather than the destination itself.”

Guided getaways can be customized to be as on-the-go or leisurely as you please, with lots of personal time for exploring on your own or experiencing those insider moments. The options are as vast as the world itself. Here are just two of our top picks for Europe — one value-added and one with extra economies built in.

Here’s a little preview of some of our favorite itineraries.

River Cruise Itinerary: Danube Dreams with Avalon Waterways
Recommended for you by: Tracey MacDonald, Joe Howe Drive, Halifax

Celebrated in song and prose, the legendary Danube flows through nine countries—from Germany’s Black Forest to the Black Sea—providing glimpses of ancient monasteries, Gothic cathedrals, quaint villages, bustling capital cities, and world-class vineyards.

“Meander along the tranquil Danube River on this 10-day journey into the heart of Central Europe. The splendid capitals and charming towns of Hungary, Slovakia, Austria and Germany are yours to discover!”

Ask Tracey

River Cruise Itinerary: Rhine Getaway with Viking River Cruises
Recommended for you by: Suzanne Burchill, McAllister Place

Steeped in legend and myth, the Rhine is one of Europe’s longest rivers, highly revered for its beauty. It originates in Switzerland and flows 776 miles to the North Sea in the Netherlands. The UNESCO-designated Rhine River Valley is home to more fairytale castles than anywhere else in the world.

“From Amsterdam and Cologne to Basel, this 8-day journey reveals a rich landscape of beauty and culture along the Middle Rhine, home to turreted fortresses, grand cathedrals, historic cities, medieval towns and jaw-dropping scenery.”

Ask Suzanne

River Cruise Itinerary: Charms of the Mekong with AMA Waterways
Recommended for you by: Barbara Lee-White, Brunswick Square, Saint John

One of Asia’s least developed rivers, the Mekong teams with life, boasting a biodiversity second only to the Amazon. Unlike river cruises that sail past European capitals, the route through Vietnam and Cambodia offers stunning contrasts of ancient landscapes, bustling towns and rural river villages.

“Cruise along the mighty Mekong through Vietnam and Cambodia and visit rural villages, historic pagodas, and local markets and get a glimpse into another era where people still honor the timeless traditions passed down through the centuries from their ancestors. This is one of my favorite itineraries!”

Ask Barbara